Momix dancers bringing their magic to the Ann Arbor Summer Festival


Momix performing Botanica

Susan Nisbett
Ann Arbor, Mich. (June 19, 2014)
What Moses Pendleton, founder of the deliriously imaginative dance company Momix, really wants is for you to see his garden in Connecticut – eye-popping acres of deep orange Moonsong marigolds, iris rearing their purple heads, sunflowers soon to tower over all.

Failing that, he’s inviting you to Power Center Saturday evening, where Momix brings the dance of the seasons indoors with “Botanica,” an eye-popping, imagination-opening, kaleidoscopic tour through the flora and fauna of winter-spring-summer-fall that arrives courtesy of the Ann Arbor Summer Festival. (Note that the Sunday performance has been canceled. A Saturday afternoon master class is still on the schedule.)

“The transformative power of nature and of our own nature.” That’s what “Botanica” is all about, Pendleton said in a phone call as he tended that very Connecticut garden last week.

“I spend a lot of time in the gardens, in the sun, in the rain. I call myself the ‘avant gardener,’” said Pendleton, as fond of wordplay as he is adept at the play of images on stage. “I’m a druggie for nature, that’s where I’m nurtured.”

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