Behind the Byline

headshotSusan Isaacs Nisbett has been writing professionally about the arts since 1975. Her
work has appeared in the Ann Arbor News, for which she is the freelance dance
and classical music critic; the Detroit News; the Miami Herald; the New York Times;
Dance Magazine; and other publications. She has been the recipient of National
Endowment for the Arts fellowships in both dance and music criticism.

Keyboards hold an attraction for her: when she’s not at the computer, she’s often at the piano, where she tries to play more accurately than she can type.

Until recently, floorboards held a similar attraction: when not at the piano or the computer, she was usually at the ballet studio, working hard at pirouettes and arabesques. Now she just dreams of triple turns … and writes this blog about the arts she loves best.

If you’re interested in receiving arts coverage, reach out to us below!

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